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As a commercial snow removal provider for clients in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC offers services for single or multiple sites. Our commercial snow management services include snow plowing, removal, and de-icing to provide your visitors, customers, and employees with a completely clear and accessible property during the entire winter season. We provide the best response time in the region, 24 hours a day. To do so, local teams and specialists monitor conditions during severe weather. Our professionals stay ahead of the weather, enabling us to offer a 24-hour on-call and dispatch center to ensure we exceed your requirements and expectations.


Professional snow plowing and removal services relieve property managers from the concern that accompanies snowy and icy forecasts during the winter months. At Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC, we understand the critical need for proactive removal services and our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable services to our clients. Our experts are highly proficient at their jobs and are capable of completing them quickly and efficiently without interrupting business. We have years of experience servicing retail stores, office buildings, gas stations, grocery stores, malls, and more. Our equipment capabilities can meet even the most severe snowfall amounts. In addition to comprehensive ice control and 24-hour emergency service, highlights of our services include:

  • • Plowing. Our clients know that we will promptly plow their property to ensure safety and accessibility regardless of the weather conditions.
  • • De-icing. We are equipped with a wide variety of equipment to de-ice your commercial property even in hard-to-reach areas that require ice removal.
  • • Salt applications. Salting helps keep your lot, sidewalks, and entryways free of ice and snow, and may prevent costly accidents. Our trucks are available 24-hours for salt applications to ensure a safe environment.
  • • Customized service plans. After consulting with a member of our team, we will customize a snow removal plan to meet the needs of your commercial property.
  • • Snow hauling and stacking. Because snow can accumulate and cause unmanageable drifts, our snow stacking and hauling services keep your lots accessible. In addition to stacking snow on commercial properties, we also haul off-site.

Our team of professionals understands that your commercial property needs timely removal of snow, particularly during the winter months to ensure that your visitors and customers are comfortable walking up to and driving into your business establishment. Our commercial snow clearing services facilitate access to your company throughout the entire year. Maintaining a commercial property that is free from ice and snow prevents injuries from slipping on icy surfaces, promotes profits during the severe winter months, and many insurance companies provide a discount with a regular snow plow and snow clearing service contract.

Ensure that your employees, clients and visitors are safeguarded against the effects of winter with dependable and efficient snow plowing services from the Minneapolis snow removal experts at Lawn and Snow Landscape Complete. Protecting your commercial property from "slip and fall" liability claims, the dangers of falling ice from rooftops, and other seasonal hazards is guaranteed with our experienced winter maintenance team that offers customized services at affordable rates.

Our Complete Line of Winter Services includes:

  • Commercial snow plowing and snow removal
  • Parking Lot Snow Removal
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Ice Chipping and removal
  • Safety salt application
  • Sand and gravel application
  • Rooftop snow removal
  • Drainage clearing
  • Snow shoveling for sidewalks, storefronts and entryways
  • Snow clearing for fire exits
  • Snow Hauling
  • Ice removal for high traffic industrial areas including loading docks and transportation zones
  • Commercial hand shoveling for smaller areas

Eliminate potential liability

We remove snow from commercial locations of any size.  From small outdoor areas with tight corners; to large parking lots and industrial spaces, our winter maintenance crew clears snow from any access area including back doors, emergency exits and all essential exit and entry points to reduce potential liability claims and conform to Minneapolis city bylaws.

Flexible Schedules and Customized Service Packages

Whether you require efficient snow removal for the entire Minneapolis winter season, or simply a complete and thorough plowing after a heavy storm, Lawn and Snow Landscape Complete offers tailored service packages according to your business requirements.

Why Sign A Long-Term Contract If You Don't Have To?

Our hard working team provides reliable and flexible scheduling that guarantees early morning snow removal that allows for safe access to your Minneapolis commercial property long before your business day begins and we keep working, until the snow stops falling.

Snow Removal and De-Icing For All Types of Businesses

Lawn and Snow Landscape workers arrive at your location promptly in well maintained plows, trucks and tractors, fully equipped with ice chippers, scrapers and more and efficiently clear snow from any commercial property in the Minneapolis area that may include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial areas
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools
  • Property Management Companies

Experienced Storm Trackers

Eliminate winter hassles and worries with convenient snow removal and winter maintenance services that include precise and accurate weather and storm tracking for ultimate efficiency and peace of mind. With our many years of experience, residential and commercial property owners can count on orderly snow removal services at affordable rates.

Hand shoveling

Need some extra manpower during a storm? Contact us to ask about affordable rates for hand shoveling for stairs, handrails, ramps and any other location that our hardworking team can’t reach with a plow.

Emergency Snow Removal - 24/7 in the Minneapolis area

Available for emergency snow removal at any time day or night, contact us anytime for fast and friendly service

Contact Us Today

Our staff is fully equipped for ice and snow management to provide safe and passable road surface conditions during severe weather conditions. Our experienced drivers are professionals who understand how to react to the Minneapolis weather and are on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to meet the needs of our customers. For more details about our commercial snow removal services, please contact Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC today to set up a complementary on-site visit.