Residential Snow Removal in Minneapolis

When the winter season starts to unleash its fury on your neighborhood and home, you can count on Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC for all of your residential snow removal needs. Your lifestyle need not be interrupted by Mother Nature. When snow starts falling, you know that there are still things to do and commitments you have to continue with, such as work or school. In order to keep your routine from getting tripped up, you need a winter weather service that you can rely on and trust. We can safely remove the snow and ice from your property in Minneapolis so that everyone in your family can continue to get where they need to go. Whether it’s snow plowing, shoveling or deicing, we can help


When the forecast is indicating that there’s a winter storm on the way, it’s a good feeling to know that you’re covered with snow clearing. You can have this feeling by choosing us to take care of all of your winter weather property concerns. Simply make arrangements with us before the season starts, and you can be one of our priority customers throughout the winter season. Here are some of the services you can expect when you become a customer of Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC:

  • Driveway Snow Plowing – If you need your driveway cleared of snow and ice, we can help. Throughout the duration of the snowfall, our plow drivers can periodically remove the inches of snow off of your driveway. When the storm ends, all traces of snow and ice can be taken away so that cars can go up and down the path safely.
  • Sidewalk Shoveling – For sidewalks, our helpful staff can assist to make your home safe during the weather by shoveling any snow. We work quickly and efficiently so that your sidewalk is ready for use.
  • Deicing of Walkways – During dangerous ice storms, we are still out working and making sure our customers have what they need. We offer deicing services for all areas of your property.
  • Salting and Prepping – Before the weather arrives, you may want to consider getting your walkways and driveway salted or prepped to reduce the impact of the frozen precipitation.
  • Snow Removal – When there’s a large amount of snow involved, we have the capabilities to remove almost all of it from your home’s outdoor areas.

Driveway Snow Plowing

Lawn & Snow Landscape LLC are hand selected, trained and certified snow plowing pros with years of experience delivering responsive, high quality home snow management solutions. Our large and diverse fleet of well maintained plow machinery and equipment allows us to offer a full range of snow removal expertise customized for any landscape. We are courteous, respectful industry leaders who make home driveway shovelling and snow clearing accessible to Minneapolis residents. Our commitment to high standards, value driven pricing and responsible business practices make us your reliable local snow-plow contractors.

Side Walk Clearing and Ice Control

Keeping the sidewalks and pathways on your homes terrain clear of snow and ice can be a real chore when temperatures drop and you’re going at it alone with a shovel. When ice builds up, it can narrow pathways, cause uneven, slippery surfaces and lead to preventable injury, loss and potential liability. Mitigate risks with confidence this chilly season by keeping your walkways free of ice and snow all winter long. In some cases, mail delivery services are postponed when snow isn’t cleared properly and can also make it tricky for emergency responders should the need arise. Keep your property safe and accessible year-round. Give us a call or drop us a line via email to tell us more about the unique specifications of your drive way surfaces and to receive a free estimate.

Salting and Prepping

Clearing snow and ice from your driveway and walkways can be frustrating and dangerous. But if you want to get ahead of the weather, Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC can help you out. By treating your pavement with deicing agents and salt before a heavy freeze, you can save yourself, or us, quite a bit of work!

Deicing agents include salts such as rock salt and urea salt, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride. Unlike salts, chloride agents are available in a liquid solution as well and work down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to salts which only work at 15 degrees.

Throughout the winter season, you can then top up your deicing strategy by applying salt to the affected areas to create traction as ice forms and melts.

It is not recommended that you use deicing agents without the assistance of snow clearing professionals. While they will help keep foot and road traffic safe, it can be damaging to the surface of your driveway and sidewalks as well as any plant life surrounding the area.

Twin Cities Fast Emergency Home Snow Removal

Protect your home, the value of your vehicles and the safety of your family and visitors this winter by partnering with one of Minneapolis’s most highly recommended snow removal companies. We’ve earned our reputation as innovators in snow clearance and ice removal best practices by consistently developing our staff and plow technology, meticulous scheduling and upfront prices. Don’t wait around for someone with a shovel to show up and dig you out. Our low rates and flexible driveway maintenance packages will keep your winter experience magical and stress free no matter how much frosty white precipitation we get this year.

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC offer 24/7 emergency snow removal to you, our neighbours in the Twin Cities. We know the forecast can change quickly without warning and things can go from under control, to unmanageable when snow accumulates and gets wet and heavy. Clear any parking area, passage way or driving lane on your property at your convenience. We respond quickly, work precisely and don’t need to cut corners to deliver incredible turn around times.

Snow Clearing for Seniors

If you are a senior, or are caring for an elderly or disabled person, dependable snow clearance can mean the difference between being able to go about your daily activities or being snowed in the house indeterminately. Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC offer you peace of mind knowing we honor our contracts on time, every time at pricing that aligns with virtually any budget.

Service in Minneapolis

The weather in our region is constantly changing. The worst feeling in the world is when you’re unprepared for a winter event, and you haven’t secured snow clearing services. You don’t want to be stuck calling every contractor around as the snow starts falling. Prepare for the entire winter season by setting up your services ahead of time. Then you and your family can simply enjoy the beautiful snow-covered treetops from the comfort of a warm home. You can feel confident that your daily tasks won’t be affected by the weather because of your reliable choice in snow clearing services.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

While it’s true that we provide some of the best residential snow removal services in Minneapolis, our scope extends to commercial snow clearing as well.

Commercial snow removal is especially important, as icy sidewalks and parking lots affect more than just you personal. With employees and clients coming in to your commercial space on a daily basis, you want to make sure that a trip to work doesn’t end in a trip to the hospital.

Not only will an investment in snow clearly services keep all of those on your property safer, but they’ll improve the image of your business as well. Keep up that professional appearance and keep your staff safe. Call Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC today to discuss your snow clearing plan.

Superior Snow Removal

You have a busy schedule. The last thing you want to spend your time doing is clearing snow and ice off of your property. By investing in professional residential snow removal services, you can ensure that every morning starts smoothly with a clear sidewalk and driveway, helping you get out of the door exactly when you want to.

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC has a few seasons under our belt now and we believe in helping our clients enjoy a safe and stress-free winter in Minneapolis.

So, before the cold weather hits our area again this year, contact us today. We can discuss our various service options that can keep your family safe and covered during the unpredictable winter that’s coming.