Lawn Care in Minneapolis

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC is the team to call in Minneapolis for all your lawn care needs. We are a seasoned team that can improve the state of your grass no matter how patchy. When you hire our team, you are putting yourself on the fast track to a fuller and greener lawn. That is because our whole team is made up of grass care experts – we have spent years learning everything there is to know about the different grass types, and how take care of them. We have gone through all the trouble of becoming grass experts, so you don’t have to and because we are passionate about the way Minneapolis’s lawns look.

For a guaranteed better lawn, get in touch by calling (612) 490-4500 today, and set up your initial consultation.

Book a Consultation

First Step: Book Your Lawn Care Consultation

When you first contact our team, the first thing we will do is book a consultation. The consultation is the part of the process where we discuss the plans for your lawn. We will ask you about your timeline and goals, and we will put together a lawn care plan suitable to your needs. The process of bringing your lawn back to life takes time. There is no overnight solution to a greener lawn. As lawn care contractors, we must play by nature’s rules. We are a high-quality lawn care company, and have a deep understanding of this. We will lay out all the details to you during the initial consultation.

A Trusted Team of Lawn Care Pros

To get the lawn care results you are looking for, you will need a team of knowledgeable lawn care technicians to assess your lawn in its current state, and implement different strategies to improve it. Of course, there are countless methods one could apply to their lawn to improve growth, but only a few solutions will work in the long term––and each lawn is different! Understanding each lawn and finding creative solutions is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

For your lawn care, you deserve only the best, that’s why you should reach out to Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC

Results Driven Lawn Care Approach

Every decision and strategy we implement to your lawn is made to make your grass fuller and greener. Having a rigorously planned out strategy for your lawn is necessary for this reason, and that is why we place so much emphasis on the consultation. By the time we get started on your lawn, all your aeration, thatching, seeding, fertilizing, and maintenance will already be planned out.

The more time we spend with your lawn, the more we will be able to assess its particular needs. This is the level of care that we provide to you when you hire our team. It allows us to claim with confidence that we are Minneapolis’s number one lawn care contractor.

The Convenience of Professional Lawn Care

Which sounds better? Lounging by the pool on a hot, summer day, or mowing your lawn on a hot, summer day? The answer is easy, we know. Why not hire Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC to mow your lawn for you, so you can get back to lounging.

Our company offers comprehensive lawn care services. Lawn mowing is just one example of the many things we can do for you. So, whether you’re looking for a manicured garden, or a full irrigation system installed, you’ve come to the right place. In Minneapolis, our lawn care services are second to none. Get in touch with Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC today at (612) 490-4500 for more info.


Year-Round Lawn Care

We are full-service lawn care providers offering commercial and residential property owners year-round landscaping services. Certified, insured, and experienced, our crew has all the skills and resources necessary to keep your turf healthy year in and year out.

Summer isn’t the only season you should be thinking about your lawn. The harsh winter weather (especially in Minneapolis) can ravage a yard, no matter how green and lush it was looking before. We offer high-quality lawn aeration to protect your lawn for the winter months.

In the spring, ask us about our turf-laying and seed-sowing deals that will help restore your lawn to its prime summer condition. No matter the season, or the weather, you can depend on us to care for your yard.

Our service list is far-reaching and includes virtually every lawn-related task you can imagine. Among our most sought-after services are:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Pest control
  • Aeration
  • Sodding
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation
  • Weeding

If you require a service not listed above, don’t hesitate to inquire with our staff over the phone.

Get a Quote on Your Lawn Service

At our company, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with our clients’ needs during a no-obligation consultation. Give us a call, and we’ll listen to your needs and tailor our services accordingly. We can even send a certified landscaper to your property for an in-person lawn evaluation.

Based on your lawn’s unique specifications, schedule, and budget, we’ll develop a personalized plan of action that checks all your boxes for five-star service. Plus, we’ll quote the total cost of our services upfront. Before you commit to anything, you’ll see a complete breakdown of all our charges.

Commercial Lawn Care Packages

Local businesses, small and large, choose to entrust their lawn care needs in our capable hands. By outsourcing your landscaping duties, you can focus on other aspects of your business with the assurance that our talented crew will keep your curb appeal sky-high for all your customers to see.

To add to the convenience of our services, we offer an array of scheduling options. Book our visits in advance on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. Our company has the resources to perform recurring visits and a full range of lawn care services.

Residential Lawn Care

Our services aren’t limited to large-scale operations. We love helping homeowners take full advantage of their outdoor spaces with one-time and individual services. Let us help you mow, prune, and weed your lawn. Let us help you design a garden that’s uniquely you. Let us lend a helping hand around the home to bring out its natural beauty for you to enjoy.

Superior Lawn Care Products

Over the years, we’ve developed a long product line that caters to every type of clientele. Are you worried about your pet ingesting dangerous chemicals? Or are you concerned about the health of the planet? We gladly offer safe and eco-friendly products. We cater lawn service to the lawn-owner.

We know that green, natural lawns do best with green, natural products. That’s why we research our products extensively to ensure we’re giving your turf the maximum amount of nutrients and care. We work closely with premier suppliers to source the highest caliber of fertilizers.

By the way, we approach each lawn with an individual care plan—there’s no one-size-fits-all method. We’ll select the products we use based on the unique flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs that you have growing on your lawn.

Professional Landscapers

As certified landscapers, we stand apart not only for our impressive industry experience but also for our superior level of client care. When we arrive for your lawn care service (promptly on time, as usual), you can expect us to be dressed in clean uniforms and ready to get to work. If, while on the job, we run into any of your employees or patrons, you can expect us to act as an extension of your business, politely and amicably. Our professionalism will characterize your experience with our company from start to finish.

Custom Lawn Service Packages

Every property is unique. That’s why we meet with our clients to discuss their individual lawn care needs. If your lawn is riddled with weeds, we’ll develop a strategy that focuses on weed control. If your lawn is invaded with pests, we’ll target those unwanted guests. We tailor our work to fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget too.

Lawn Mowing for Every Type of Grass

Is the grass on your front yard unruly and unkempt? What about the grass at your summer cottage—is it really, really long? Don’t sweat it. Our mowing team has handled all types of grassy terrain. Don’t believe us? Check out the rough cut mowing we’ve done in our gallery for proof. We’re confident our experienced staff can turn any property into a manicured, immaculate lawn. Get in touch today to learn more.

The Latest Lawn Equipment

Part of the reason our services are so effective is due to the quality of equipment we use. Our company owns and operates commercial-grade equipment—the best the industry has to offer. We treat our machinery right with frequent meticulous maintenance, so we can guarantee it’s working optimally for every client. Discover how precise and efficient our lawn equipment is by scheduling us for your next lawn maintenance today.

Contact the Lawn Specialists Today

Whatever your needs, our lawn specialist team is only a phone call away. Get in touch with us today!

Lawn Care in Minneapolis

For years, the team at Landscape Complete has been providing the residents of Minneapolis with high quality lawn care at a competitive price. From tilling, to irrigating, to fertilizing, to weeding and sodding your lawn, each job is completed to meet your total satisfaction. For us, lawn care is much more than a job, it’s our passion. It’s for this reason that we will stop at nothing to ensure that lawns in Minneapolis receive the optimal level of care and attention that they need to grow. Let’s face it, your garden’s appearance is often seen as an extension of your home. You wouldn’t allow the carpet in your living room to rip and shred and the same logic applies to your lawn. By taking care of your lawn, you can rest assured knowing that your property will always look its best.

A healthy lawn, is a happy lawn

Did you know that a healthy lawn is capable of repairing itself? The team of highly-trained professionals at Landscape Complete are not only committed to transforming your lawn, but making sure it remains textured and beautiful between their services. If you ever have the time to see the hard-working team at Landscape Complete in action, you’ll notice that they may leave the grass clippings on your lawn. Why, you may wonder, would they do that? Since grass is 90% water, the clippings add minerals to your soil which may be necessary depending on the state of your lawn. Rest assured that the team knows all the tricks to make sure your lawn remains lush and green for years to come.

Pest infestation

Have you noticed yellow or brown patches on your front lawn? Have you been watering and watering but still not seeing any results? If so, you may have a pest infestation. No need to panic. The team at Landscape Complete is expertly trained at bringing insect-damaged lawns back to their original, healthy state. They know how to catch the early signs of infestation and can easily identify which species is responsible for the destruction. To restore your Minneapolis lawn, owner Ken Johnson has equipped his business with all the necessary pesticides.

Prepare your lawn for the winter

Oxygen and water are crucial components for a dense, green lawn. The team at Landscape Complete knows that the best time to aerate your lawn is in the fall. Properly aerating your lawn will ensure your grass comes up thick and healthy in the spring. Prepping your lawn for winter means less work when it comes to getting your spring flowers to flourish. To guarantee a beautiful garden, Landscape Complete has all the proper aeration equipment to loosen soil compaction and enhance water intake.


Almost every homeowner cares about the appearance of their lawn, but attending to its needs can be challenging. Sometimes, watering and regular mowing are not enough to keep your property looking its best. To increase curb appeal, you’ll need specialized lawn care equipment and the knowledge of how to properly use it. If lawn care isn’t your thing, or if you simply don’t have time, we are here to lend a helping hand. At Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete, we are fully equipped with everything we need to make your yard look great, including a core aerator.

Why does a lawn need aeration?

When a property needs aerating, it is because water is having trouble getting through the soil surface. An aerator can assist getting water to the root by loosening soil compaction and perforating the soil with small holes. Depending on your property, we recommend aerating your lawn on an annual basis.

How do you know when your lawn needs to be aerated?

Puddles and pools of water on your property may mean that the soil is compacted and that it is time to perform aeration. Another way to determine if your soil is compacted is by driving a pencil or screwdriver into your soil. If you have trouble doing so, then your lawn could benefit from professional aeration. If you want a more detailed way of assessing if your lawn needs to be aerated, then the answer lies in the thatch. When you dig up the grass and soil, look for thatch and grass roots. If you are unsure where to find thatch then look for the earthy-like material located between the blades of grass and the soil. If this layer of thatch is more than one-half inch thick, then you definitely need to aerate. Similarly, assessing the blades of grass can determine if your lawn needs to be aerated. If the blades are in excess of four inches, then they are in peak condition and should be left alone. If, however, they are less than two inches in length, then this a clear sign that your lawns need to be aerated straight away.

Sodding Installation

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a beautiful lawn, then sod is the way to go. Sod is essentially grass replacement which can easily be rolled out to create an appealing, lush property in very little time. At Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete, we offer sodding installation for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. As with anything in life, it’s the little details that make all the difference, and the same goes for sod. When you partner with us you can rest assured knowing that sodding will be installed with absolute precision.


Your front yard is the first thing people see when they pull up to your property. While it may be true that guests may not notice a perfectly green, healthy lawn, bare patches and discoloration is sure to get attention in all the wrong ways. To make a great first impression, your lawn may need a little help. The most effective way to give your lawn a boost is with fertilizer. Fertilization is something every lawn owner thinks about from time to time but rarely actually goes out and does themselves. And in Minneapolis there’s no reason to since you have access to quality lawn care services like Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete. With one phone call you can ensure the ideal fertilization techniques at the ideal times of year that will leave you with a lush green lawn!

Why does my lawn need fertilizer?

Plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow, but sometimes these essential elements are lacking. Adding fertilizer that contains these elements can give your grass the extra boost it needs to flourish. At Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete, we use high quality fertilizer to maintain and stimulate growth. Get in touch with us today to schedule an on-site evaluation and we can determine which application is best suited for your lawn.

Premier Lawn Mowing Service

While it is true that you can mow your own lawns, the reality of the situation is that many homeowners in Minneapolis are too busy with work and taking care of kids to complete this most important of garden tasks to a proficient level. Similarly, many other residents simply do not enjoy the process, especially for the elderly for owners of a large or challenging property. If this sounds like you, then don’t worry, help is at hand. Landscape Complete offers an unrivalled approach to lawn mowing and our results speak for themselves.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

What’s the best way to keep your lawn looking its best all year around, with the least amount of effort on your part? Installing an irrigation system! There are a variety of options available to you and when you work with Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete you’ll be assured your pick of the bunch.

As part of your regular lawn maintenance there are a lot of benefits to installing an irrigation system, the most popular of which is time and water conservation. Do you enjoy going out every day and spraying that hose over your lawn and garden? We didn’t think so. So, why not let your irrigation system do it for you? Irrigation systems work by directing water exactly where it needs to go, and this will help with weed control and prevent the spread of disease and fungus to other plants in your garden. Best of all, irrigation works to preserve the nutrients in your soil by never overwatering and drowning it out. To find out about the irrigation methods available to you, read on!

Drip Irrigation

Drip or micro irrigation systems are installed strategically throughout your yard to ensure the best water distribution. From a main tap, these flexible pipes extend out and drip water at appropriate intervals directly into the root system of your lawn. Drip irrigation works constantly but minimally, slowly outputting a fixed amount per hour to keep your lawn fresh and healthy. For high traffic areas, this irrigation method may not be ideal. For example, if you have children running through your yard throughout the day they could stomp on the tubes causing an interruption in or damage to the system.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinklers are a great irrigation method and if you have kids, they’re going to love them as much as your lawn! When you employ our lawn maintenance services to install sprinkler irrigation we’ll thoroughly inspect your lawn and find the best points at which to place the sprinkler heads and then install them securely in the ground. Sprinklers can be set on a timer ensuring that they only have water running through them exactly when you want them to. Uniformity is easy to achieve when you install sprinkler systems though weed control is not as ideal as with drip irrigation.

Three Points to Consider When it Comes to Lawn Care

At Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC, we are big believers in being as honest as possible with all our residential clients. Our superior lawn care service will take the stress out of tending to your lawn or yard. However, if you are hiring a professional lawn care team like ours for the first time then you probably have a number of questions that you are curious about. If you are like most of our first-time clients, then you may have a number of questions like this:

  1. How do I select a team to do the work on my property?
  2. What questions should I ask?
  3. Is there any important information that I need to know about your business?
  4. What are reasonable and unreasonable expectations from your lawn care company?

There is no doubt that questions like this are important. However, they are not the only points you need to keep in mind. Instead, there are a range of other points that need to be taken into close consideration. With that in mind, here are five points that you need to consider closely when it comes to superior lawn care for your Minneapolis home:

  1. What Do You Want? While it is true that this may seem like a pretty straightforward question, the fact of the matter is that without knowing what you want in terms of lawn care, we won’t be fully able to help you realize your lawn care dreams. Do you want to create a lawn where you have very few tasks to complete, or would you rather a situation where you will receive minimal help from us but still be in charge of mowing, edging and fertilizing your lawn? As you think about these options, you need to keep in mind the time, resources and energy that go into fulfilling these tasks to the highest possible standard.
  2. What Equipment Do You Have Access To? If you only want minimal assistance from us, then you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and materials to tend to your lawn when we depart. Is this the case or are you fooling yourself? If the latter answer is the case, then you need to strongly consider investing in a more in-depth lawn care treatment service. This is especially true if you don’t want to have to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on new equipment.
  3. Talent Level: One of the most difficult questions that a Minneapolis resident can ask themselves when it comes time to tend to their lawn care needs is whether or not they have the skill and talent required to complete the task to an appropriate level. If you feel that your yard is too large to tend to properly, or you don’t feel comfortable taking care of all lawn care chores, then you need to get in touch with us today and enlist the services of a lawn care team that you can trust!


When it comes to ensuring that your garden and lawn receives the optimal level of care, you really can’t take any shortcuts. As anyone in Minneapolis who has tried to maintain their own lawn. An arrest, proper lawn care often turns out to be much more difficult than it looks. Unfortunately, there are many inferior lawn care companies in Minneapolis that seek to exploit your DIY mishaps with sub-standard lawn services. The fact of the matter is that most of these companies are just trying to make a quick buck and do not have your lawn’s best interests at heart. So, if you received a quote that seemed too good to be true, then it probably is. What might seem like a great savings in the short-term could end up costing you in the long-run. Don’t take chances with sub-par lawn care companies, instead call Landscape Complete today. As the premier lawn care providers in Minneapolis, we promise that you will not be disappointed. If you are in the Minneapolis area and are in need of any the services Landscape Complete provides, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Banish Weeds Forever

One of the first things people notice about your property is your lawn—and nothing can choke your lush green lawn like weeds. As one of the top-ranked lawn care companies in the Minneapolis area, you can bet we’re great at banishing weeds from your lawn for good!

No single herbicide or tactic will work on all weeds, and at Landscape Complete, our skilled team can quickly assess what your unique situation will require. Whether they’re unwanted grasses, sedges or broadleaf plants, we can deal with them appropriately.

Like flowers, some weeds are perennials and some are annuals. Perennials can live underground and come back each year making them a little more difficult, but we’re up to the task!

Lawn Care Services, All Year ‘Round

Lawn maintenance doesn’t stop when summer’s over. Some lawn care companies may only offer their services during that season but at Landscape Complete, our service continues to prepare your lawn through fall, winter and spring.


In the fall we’ll feed your lawn and aerate it to get it nice and strong before snow falls. You may be surprised to know that laying turf and seeding at this time of year is also beneficial.


Depending on the extremity of the season, areas that are going to be worked on can be dug up in preparation during the winter.


Laying turf, sowing seeds, watering, mowing...we’ll do it all to provide careful care for your post-winter lawn, helping it to start growing strong for the summer. No matter what the season, your lawn deserves tender loving care and we’re the team to provide it.


Planting grass seeds directly onto existing turf without tearing it up first is overseeding. So, why do it if you’ve already got a full lawn in place? Overseeding fills in any bare spots and improves density. We’ve all seen a lawn or two that looks patchy and ragged. That lawn could benefit from overseeding! When you think of the best lawns in Minneapolis, where does your mind go? Most will say, the golf course. If you want to get a thick golf course quality lawn, overseeding is the technique to employ. We’ll choose the best seed, prep, carry out the job, and finish it off with mowing. Not all turf is the same, so it’s important to rely on professionals like Landscape Complete to examine your lawn and seed it properly—whether that be fine fescue seed, bluegrass or ryegrass. We’ll maintain it with moisture and fertilizer, and before you know it you’ll have the best lawn on the block!

The Grass is Always Greener

When you hire Landscape Complete for your yard maintenance your neighbors will see that the grass really is always greener on the other side of the fence. For dedicated lawn care service year-round, give us a call today