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We all know that plants need water but watering your plants can be a time consuming chore. You have to get out the hose, bring it around your property, be careful not to over or underwater your plants or grass, and if the hose can’t access certain areas then you have to use a watering can.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to water the plants of your Minneapolis property?

Make your life easier; have sprinklers installed

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC has professional irrigation technicians who will install your in-ground sprinkler system in no time. Our team has years of experienced in the proper installation of sprinklers and we pride ourselves on producing excellent results. After a brief consultation and a survey of your property Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC will be able to determine how many sprinklers your property will require and the amount of water which will be necessary for specific areas.

We install user friendly irrigation systems so that at the push of a button you can set the schedule for when your property is watered.

The Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

By having a professional automatic sprinkler system installed you gain:

Time- no more taking time from your schedule to go over every inch of your green space with a hose or watering can.

Reduced Water Consumption- use the right amount water every time. Good for you and the environment.

Money- save money by having a reduced water bill and plants that live longer

Peace of Mind- Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC will install a reliable system that will keep your lawn and garden green for years to come.

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