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Patio Repair And Restoration

Your patio is a valuable part of your property, and if it’s no longer looking its best, investing in restoration and repair may be a good idea, and Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC wants to help. Our experts will take the time to survey the condition of your patio and determine the best course of action, providing you with a project plan, a cost estimate, and a timeline before we get to work.

If you’re ready to book an on-site assessment with our experts, we invite you to contact us at (612) 490-4500.

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Book a Patio Assessment

With regular wear and tear and exposure to the elements, it’s not unlikely that your patio will experience distress and damage from time to time. If you are concerned about the state of your patio, our team would be happy to chat with you. We invite you to get in touch with us by phone or email to book a consultation.

During the consultation, our team will inspect your patio and understand what damage you’re facing and how it occurred. We can restore your existing patio stones or replace stones that are past the point of repair.

Our job is to reinforce your patio, not just to improve its beauty but to enhance its strength and integrity as well.

If you are ready to find out the best way to restore your patio and how much it will cost, our experts are waiting to hear from you – so give us a call at your convenience!

Improve the Value of Your Property with Patio Restoration

Patios are a huge selling feature, and if you’re looking to put your home on the market, you want to ensure that your patio is in tip-top shape. Our team can help you restore your patio so that it allows your property to stand out in this competitive housing market and adds significant value to your property.

Great Rates on Patio Restoration and More

Our team wants to deliver our patio restoration services to as many clients as possible, and that’s why we are happy to offer them at competitive rates. Even if you are working on a tight budget, our experts still want to hear from you. We’ll work around your finances and help you in whatever way we can!

Seasoned Patio Experts

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC has been working in this industry for years. Helping you beautify your outdoor living spaces and keeping them maintained is our passion, and we look forward to sharing this passion with you. All our contractors have extensive training and professional experience. We can let you know the best options for patio repair and restoration and choose a project plan that suits your overall goals and budget.

From extending your patio space to revamping your stone or repairing chips and cracks, no service is too big or too small to be taken on by our fantastic team, and we look forward to proving ourselves to you.

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Reach Our Patio Restoration Team to Get Started

Is your patio looking a little worse for wear after years of neglect or a sudden weather event? If so, we invite you to contact the patio repair and restoration experts at Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC. Specializing in all manner of patio services, our skilled contractors can restore your patio to its former glory without issue.

Clients look to us for our repair services, but we treat them to so much more. With us, you get customer service you never thought possible. Promising personable staff, reasonable deadlines, and a fully customizable approach to patio restoration, we are here for you. Call (612) 490-4500 to schedule your in-depth consultation with a patio professional.

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Promising a Picture-Perfect Patio

Patios really endure a lot in the run of a year. Between summertime socializing, barbecues, and sudden weather events, the world really tests the limits of the average patio. Over time, problems can arise that require professional attention. Boards can warp, wood can splinter, and deck joists beneath the patio can rot away—to say nothing of the mold and paint damage that can occur.

While a damaged patio might frustrate you, there is a way to stop those frustrations in their tracks. All you have to do is contact us when you’re in need. In little time at all, we will correct all structural damage—and more.

Patio Restoration Made Easy

As celebrated restoration experts, we do more than tend to the joints and nails of a patio. We are also committed to keeping your patio looking its very best. That is where our restoration services come to the rescue.

If looking at your patio stresses you out instead of making you excited to catch some rays, you need Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC’s patio repair and restoration services. We will come by to take a careful look at your patio or outdoor space and see what kind of work it needs to make your run-down patio into a summer sanctuary.

Give Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC a call today at (612) 490-4500 to reinvigorate your old patio.

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Experienced Patio Repair Experts

Cracks in your patio with weeds sprouting through lifted bricks or broken wobbly stairs can be enough to drive anyone mad. If you see that your patio is not living up to its potential, we want to take a look. We have years of experience to properly analyze your patio problem and promptly provide you with a practical list of potential solutions.

If you think you need your patio repaired or restored in any way, we are the company for the job. Additionally, we can help you find solutions or think of a new idea for your patio, we are always happy to provide suggestions. With years in the business of building and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces under our belt, we have the helpful insight and the practical knowledge that enable you to achieve your goals of bringing paradise to your backyard.

Breathe New Life into Your Yard with Patio Repair

Sometimes all it takes to renew a property is to invest some time into its existing components. Some new patio liner or long-overdue patio repairs can really go a long way in transforming a backyard.

Your patio is subjected to the surrounding elements. The changing of seasons, rain, snow, exposure to the sun, and root systems growing underneath, can push your patio out of place or crack it up. These are just a few of the things that your patio will inevitably endure throughout its lifespan. In any case, to get back to enjoying your patio to the fullest, you need to work with a professional for the best results.

When you call on us, our handy team of experts will be at your service. We will set up a time to come by and assess what needs to be done. Our goal is to make the best use of your patio space. Ensuring that it is safe, functional, and absolutely beautiful. We want to help you re-think your patio if necessary, as well. No idea is out of the question! If you want to discuss adding additions to your patio, we would love to help you with that. An extended deck, a new fire pit, or a sitting area could be just what you need.

Common Patio Repairs That Are Needed

Having years of extensive experience in dealing with patios throughout the area, we have noticed many issues that homeowners experience with their patios over time. Some repairs need serious fixing, but there are many small things we can do to get your patio looking ship-shape for the warm months.

Inspect for Damaged Patio Bricks

The last thing you want to find when the snow melts are a bunch of cracks in your beloved patio. We will do a thorough inspection and tell you the steps you need to take to get your patio looking great.

Cleaning Moss, Mold, Mildew, and Algae Off Your Patio

Moss and mildew might only seem like a minor problem, but it is important to rid the patio of moss growth swiftly. Moss is an indicator of excess moisture, which can lead to unwanted mold accumulation.

The warm months bring their fuzzy friends along with them. Put a stop to that unsightly, green spot that has appeared on your patio. We want to help you get rid of those pesky molds, mosses, and algae for the season. Just call the professionals, and we will be at your door in no time.

Patio Weed Removal

Patio problems come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes even the most frustrating issues come from beneath the patio in the form of invasive weeds.

Weeds are always popping up through patio bricks, even when you thought that you have gotten rid of them once and for all. These resilient weeds are a common sign that you will need the faults in your patio repaired soon. Call us today and have us take a look. We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep your patio comfortable and sightly.

Boost Curb Appeal with a Beautiful Patio

There is no better way to boost your home's curb appeal or improve your family's weekends than by investing in a patio. A backyard patio can increase your home's market value while allowing you to enjoy nightly cookouts and barbecues.

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC is here to make sure that you continue to reap the benefits of your custom patio. Offering the finest repair services, we can restore your home's patio to its former glory. Before long, those deck boards will be replaced, repainted, and reinforced—and you'll have us to thank for it.

Your no-obligation consultation awaits you. Request our comprehensive patio restoration services by calling (612) 490-4500 today.

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Revitalize Your Old Patio

Every homeowner with a patio knows how much enjoyment their patio adds to everyday life. With a patio, you can enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors while still benefiting from the modern conveniences of the household. Unfortunately, these great benefits can wither away with time though. Floorboards can crack, paint can chip, and certain stylistic conventions can fall out of fashion. In times such as those, we are here to help you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to repair and revamp patios. Whether you're looking to pressure wash the patio, repaint it, or address much-needed repairs, we have the tools to get the job done.

So, if your patio has lost its luster due to incremental wear and tear, or it is time to replace the stairs and railings, call us. We don't just understand patio construction and repair—we understand what clients want out of their patios. For diligent, unrivaled service, contact our patio contractors at your convenience.

Full Suite of Patio Repair Services

Patios, like households, are subject to a lot of activity. It is only natural that certain elements might require some professional attention from time to time. Rest assured, there are no greater professionals than us.

We're prepared to correct any glaring or underlying patio problems we uncover. We can replace the rotting deck boards, repair the stairs, construct reinforced railings, and so much more.

Restore Your Patio

Sometimes a patio just needs to be revitalized. With our equipment, we can pressure wash, stain, refinish, or repaint your patio. What's more, we use only the finest outdoor paints and stains, ensuring your patio weathers even the driest or stormiest days.

Fast, Affordable Minneapolis Patio Repair and Restoration

When it comes to on-site residential repairs, there are two things on every homeowner's mind: cost and deadlines. No one wants to pay more than they should for patio repairs, and no one wants contractors to crowd their backyard for long. We understand these concerns more than any other contractor.

With us, patio restoration is always swift and affordable. We respect the deadlines of our clients, and we always respect your budget. We also offer complete transparency in the way of material costs, ensuring you are never hit with last-minute surprises during the invoicing period.

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC provides top-notch patio repair and restoration, combined with top-tier customer service. We're the full-service, first-choice hardscaping crew you can trust for impeccable craftsmanship, swift turnaround times, and fair price points.

Get in touch with our friendly contractors at (612) 490-4500 to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Residential Patio Repair and Restoration

Your home is your biggest investment, both emotionally and financially. As such, it should be maintained and repaired so it can be a place that you love rather than a place you tolerate. While a patio is a perfect space to enjoy the outdoors and gather as a family, over time, there may be cracks and repairs that can be unsightly and even dangerous if not dealt with quickly.

When you need patio repair or restoration for your Minneapolis home, come to the company that gets is done quickly and correctly for an affordable price.

Our hardscaping professionals perform a wide range of repairs for patios of all materials, such as concrete, stone, brick, PVC, and pressure-treated wood. Some examples of the most common issues our clients request our help for include:

  • Deck board replacement
  • Floor extensions
  • Stair replacement
  • Railing reinforcement
  • Staining and refinishing
  • And more

This list is by no means exhaustive. Our company has the skills and resources to give any patio a new lease on life. Don't hesitate to drop us a line with your inquiries.

Hardscaping Services

Request a Quote on Patio Repair

We're committed to five-star service from beginning to end. For us, that commitment starts the moment you contact us. When you give us a call, we'll happily set up a no-obligation on-site visit where we can assess the scope of the repair job firsthand.

Our hardscaping contractors will thoroughly inspect your patio to assess its structural integrity. We'll check all components of the structure, including posts, post connections, ledger boards, ledge flashing, and stair and railing systems, to ensure that everything is safe for use.

Once we have a firm grasp on the materials and labor required to repair or restore your patio, we'll put together a comprehensive, accurate cost estimate for your consideration. We'll break down our approach to the job step by step, so you'll know precisely what to expect before you commit to anything.

Patio Repair Services: Concrete Paver Replacement

Although pavers and concrete are low-maintenance options for patio construction, they can degrade and fall into disrepair.Pavers might look nice when they’re first installed, but when they begin to crumble and crack, they turn unsightly. When that happens, you need to hire Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC for patio repair and restoration. It takes a specialist's training and skills, but we make it look easy!

We will begin by investigating the extent of the damage. Once we know which areas need to be repaired, we'll get to work. Because pavers, flagstones, and other patio construction materials are uniformly sized, we will simply remove the damaged stones. We will then replace those stones with brand-new ones that match perfectly. It's delicate work that can be done quickly with the practiced hands of our professional landscapers.

In more extreme cases, especially where the foundation was not properly laid, the whole patio will have to be removed. We will repair the patio bed and re-level the base materials to create a durable foundation that will stand the test of time.

Proper Patio Installation to Avoid Repairs

If your patio is properly installed, it's unlikely to get damaged. The professionals on our team are experienced and trained to assess damages and to re-install your patio to avoid future repairs. Once we're done with it, you'll have a patio you can enjoy for years to come.

We tend to see a number of repeating installation errors, all of which our team can repair:

  • Lack of edge restraints allow stones to move
  • Loss of joint sand
  • Poorly compacted base
  • Poorly graded base
  • Insufficient depth of the base
  • Use of wrong base material
  • Short-cuts during installation
  • Freeze and thaw cycles change the soil composition

We make sure to catch these and any other errors that may have caused your patio to degrade prematurely. Our repairs are fast, efficient, and effective!

Patio Restoration

Perhaps your patio is in good, solid structural condition, but cosmetically-speaking, it's in desperate need of attention. Our crew can help with that too. Even the sturdiest patios are prone to fade in color and weaken with temperature fluctuation. Over time, weeds and moss tend to sprout between pieces in stone patios and create an unsightly appearance. One visit from our staff, and we'll clean, restore, and seal your patio to like-new condition.

Affordable Patio Repairs

You want results, but you also want results on your own terms. We know you don’t want to pay more than you can afford for concrete patio repair. With our rates, you will never be caught off guard by the invoice.

We keep our prices slow so that our patio repairs are affordable. We do it by maintaining long-term commitments with regional landscaping suppliers. They are able to offer us wholesale prices on high-quality materials. The money we're able to save on materials gets passed on to you, our customers.

Not only are our prices more affordable than local competitors, but these connections also give us access to a large selection of gorgeous, high-quality building materials. We'll match your patio stones—and you won't have to wait for shipping!

Swift Patio Repair Times

A patio or railing issue on your property can pose a safety hazard and demands immediate attention. That's why we're committed to offering all our clients flexible scheduling times and swift repair work. When issues arise, all you’ll have to do is contact us. After over consultation, we will offer an actionable and reasonably priced repair plan. After receiving your approval, we will set our team to work.

Always Available

Patio damages can occur at any time of the year—and no one understands that better than our on-call repair team. Our company maintains consistent, open appointment availability so that you can book a service time that suits you. If new materials are necessary, we'll order them right away after your initial consultation to minimize potential delays.

When our crew is on the job site, we don't waste a single second of your time. You can count on us to work quickly and efficiently to get you back outside—in total security—as fast as possible. When we set deadlines, we strive to meet them without resorting to quick-fix solutions that only compromise the integrity of the patio.

Patio Repairs by Professional Landscapers

Every member of the Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC team is well trained and has years of experience. Whether you need concrete slabs, flagstones, or pavers bricks repaired, we have the know-how to get the job done right. The quality of our work is exceptional.

It's all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to doing good, honest work. And if you have any questions about the work we have done, don't hesitate to ask. If we've worked on it, you can trust it. No exceptions.

Call us today for a quote and to book patio repairs with the region's leading landscape company. We look forward to meeting you.

Ken Why Choose Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC?

Here at Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC, we can turn an old, sagging patio into something that looks brand new and functions as it should. Concrete repair isn't something that should be taken on by someone without the experience needed to do it right, and we have years of experience working with concrete in the Minneapolis area.

You can count on our professionals to give you an opinion about the best options for your patio. If your patio needs to be completely replaced, we can help you choose the right design and materials to keep it in great shape for years to come. You can always count on us for great service and fast results.

Our professionally trained technicians can handle a job of any size. If your patio is sagging or cracked, you will be amazed at how quickly and affordably we can repair it. Don't waste time envying your neighbors when we can improve your home in just a short period of time.

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Turn your patio into the perfect hosting or gathering space when you choose us for your patio repair and restoration. Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC is the local hardscaping contractor you can trust for reliable, quick, and affordable workmanship. We have experience servicing patios of all materials, and yours will be no exception.

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